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January Match 2023
January 2023 Match Report

Two-Day Match Reports!
Finally, we are catching up on the Big Bore match reports for October, November, December and January.

February Match 2023
February 2023 Match Report
Match Report March-23-B.jpg
March Match 2023
March 2023 Match Report

Long Range Pistol


unlimited any sight

unc    Landon Christensen  xp100        708          29



Int/M    Val Shaver         xp100         6br         40

    Al Roberts         xp100         7br         39

    Mike Dewey     xp             6.5 tks     37



Int/M     Val Shaver         tc             7tcu         37


Hunter's Pistol scope sight

AAA    Alan Miyamoto     tc             22 hor     17


Smallbore Pistol


Unlimited Any Sight

AAA    Alan Miyamoto     tc                     36



Int/M     Val Shaver         Anschutz                 39

AAA    Al Roberts         Anschutz                 38

AA    Alan Miyamoto     tc                        17



Int/M    Val Shaver        tc                     34


Cowboy Lever Rifle


Rifle Cartridge Lever

AAA    Jacques Rifkin     win 1892         357         31

    Tony Tello         win 94         30-30         27

AA    Jeff Erickson     win             30-30          25

A    Ed Scheidler     marlin                         15

unk    Michael Takaki                             33

    Ted White         win94         30-30            24






Cowboy Lever Rifle Conti.


Pistol Cartridge Lever

AA    Jeff Erickson     win             25-20         20

    Steve Howard                                19

unk    Michael Takaki                             31

    Ted White         win 92         357 mag        21


Small Bore Lever

M    Jacques Rifkin     marlin 39a                 30

AAA    Dennis Ostler     marlin 39a                 26

              Steve Howard     win 9422                    25

    Mark Woss         henry                          22

A    Val Shaver         marlin 39a                18

unk    Ted Burns         browning bl22              21  


Cast Bullet Rifle


Half size scope sight

     Tony Tello         rem 700         6.5 viking        28


Full size scope sight

    Landon Christensen Rem 700         6.5 BR     33 


Smallbore Rifle


3/8 scope sight

    Jerry Ray         Unk                      25


3/8 open sight

           Jacques Rifkin     Green Club Martini         19


1/5 size standard

AAA     Jacques Rifkin     anschutz 1712               25

unk    Jesse Marsh                        24

    Jesse Marsh                                 28


1/5 size hunter

AAA    Jacques Rifkin     anschutz 1712              21

AA    Mark Woss         Anschutz                        9

unk    Jesse Marsh                        24

April Match 2023
April 2023 Match Report
May Match 2023
May 2023 Match Report
June Match 2023
June 2023 Match Report
June 2023 Match.jpg
July Match 2023
July 2023 Match Report
Match Report-July-A.jpg
Match Report-July-B.jpg
August Match 2023
August 2023 Match Report
Extravaganza Match 2023
Exrtavaganza 2023 Match Report

Extravaganza Report!

It was wonderful to see our seasoned LASC visitors (like Marvin Wahl, Steve Peck, John Zumwalt, Dell Taylor and Tony Wong, to name a few) who traveled many miles for this year’s Extravaganza.  We thank you all for coming.  LASC even had some new shooters, who will hope will make the Extravaganza an annual destination.  For those who didn’t make it, you really missed a stellar shooting event.  The weather was perfect this year, with Mother Nature really cooperating to keep it on the cool side.  Everything went off without a hitch, and the club looked great and operated flawlessly thanks to the efforts of Jerry Napier and Joe Cardenas.  


There are so many to thank who pitch in and make the Extravaganza possible.  Jerry and Joe, who prepped the range and kept it up and running.  JR who tallied the scores and was Match Director.  All the target setters who diligently worked to reset the targets during cease fires.  Ruby Cardenas who did the intake on all the shooters and tracked the roster.  Dennis Ostler who provided the awards.  Jeannette and Courtney who kept the shooters well-fed and the kitchen serving delicious meals.  Jim Henry who kept the shooters guns operating.  Val Shaver and Joel Mosher who called the line.  


A big LASC “THANK YOU” to all those who made this event memorable and to all those who attended.


We hope to see you again at the next Extravaganza.

October Match 2023
October 2023 Match Report
November Match 2023
November 2023 Match Report




INT    Val Shaver     XP100 6.5BR.   39


Unlimited Anysight - Halfsize

AAA   Al Roberts   XP-100 22ppc    36



Smallbore Unlimited

INT    Val Shaver Ans               37

AAA    Al Roberts Anschutz    35




Cast Bullet Rifle - Open Sight 

Jon S. Homsey Marlin 1895 45-70      10

Smallbore Standard Rifle 1/5

AAA    Jacques Rifkin Ans 1712    26

B    Mark Bower Ans                       13

Unc    Garrett Cheyno CZ457         10

Smallbore Hunter Rifle 1/5

AAA    Jacques Rifkin Ans 1712    24

Unc    Joel Siegel Rem 541.            23

Smallbore Rifle Open Sight 3/8

Jacques Rifkin Martini.       34

Anhtuan Tran CZ 457          14


Smallbore Rifle Scope 3/8

Joel Siegel Rem 541                     36

Jacques Rifkin Anschutz 1712    33

Ahn Tun Tran CZ457                      25

Brett Underhill Anschutz 1712      22

Naama Rifkin Ruger 1022              16

Garrett Cheyno CZ457                      8

Cowboy Lever Action Rifle Cartridge

AAA    Jacques Rifkin Win 1892 357    25

AA    Jim Watson Marlin 85 45-70         27

Jeff Erickson Win 1894 32-30                20

Unc    Ted White Win 94 30-30               30


Cowboy Lever Action Pistol Cartridge

AAA.  Jim Watson Browning 92 32-20    28

AA.  Dennis Ostler Win 92 32-20             22

Jeff Erickson Win 92 25-20                       20

Unc    Ted White Win 357                          21


Cowboy Lever Action Smallbore

AAA.   Steve Howard Marlin39a           21

Mark Woss Henry                                  12

AA    Val Shaver Marlin 39a                   20

Unc    Joel Siegel Marlin 39a                 32

Ted Burns Browning bl22                      22

Brett Underhill Marlin 39a                      20

Naama Rifkin Marlin 39a                        17

Garrett Cheyno Henry                            14

December Match 2023
December 2023 Match Report
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