January News Letter



Once again we faced the difficult decision of whether to have the two-day match given the persistence in the increase in cases of COVID.  

Given the circumstances, in January LASC will NOT be holding the two-day match on 01/09 and 01/10.  

We know there are members and guests who want to shoot, but with the continuing increase in Covid cases in L.A. County, LASC decided to once again hold off on the monthly Big Bore match.

Because there will not be a match on the 9th and 10th, these days will be open shooting days.  Members who want to practice at LASC and who are on the list in the ASR office and cleared for using the range, should sign in and pay at ASR.  Shooters can bring their own targets or use the existing swingers.

As of the date of this newsletter, the Cowboy match on Sunday, 01/17 and the .22 match on 01/22 WILL be held.  These are smaller half-day matches.  If anything changes to prohibit these events, we will inform our shooters.

Once again, LASC wants its member’s to know that we will get through this difficult time, and our club will be able to go back to the monthly matches and those wonderful Saturday night dinners.


IHMSA contacted JR to let him know that IHMSA sanction fees will be increasing from $1 to $2.  The club pays IHMSA the $1 fee for each card turned in during a match.  Because of the increase in the fee LASC pays, the cost of cards to IHMSA shooters will increase $1 for each card.  Please check with JR if you have any questions.

·      Lost and Found – IMPORTANT:  We are accumulating some interesting items…  There is a set of custom-molded ear plugs that were left on the firing line.  We also have a man’s ring (we think it’s a man’s by the size) that was found in the parking lot.  It may have been there sometime.  If you believe you lost something at one of the matches, please check with Jerry Napier.  (You will need to describe the ring to claim it.)  

·      Don’t forget to sign a Release Form each time you shoot at LASC.  They are on the firing line or at the ASR office for times when members check in there.


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